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Stuart Robert has a clear plan for Fadden


Helping families with Cost-of-Living Pressures

Supporting local families with their household budget pressures, like cutting the fuel excise in half, saving you 22 cents per litre for six months. We’re also making a one-off $250 payment to 23,051 local pensioners and carers and increasing their regular payments. And we’re making childcare affordable for local families.


Securing our Economic Recovery to create well paid local jobs

Our economic recovery plan lowers taxes for families and small business and invests in skills, infrastructure and manufacturing. Around 78,900 local low and middle income earners will receive up to $1,500 in further tax relief this year, including a one-off $420 Cost of Living tax offset. And our investment in extra skills and training will lead to more opportunities and expanded wage subsidies for the 2,490 local apprentices.


Building better local roads and reducing traffic

We’re investing in fixing local roads to save lives and reduce travel times. We have committed more than $1.3 billion to infrastructure projects in Fadden, including upgrades to M1 exits 41, 45 and 49 that will reduce congestion and queuing and more than $1 billion on the Coomera Connector project between Coomera and Nerang to reduce further pressure on the M1.


Better access to quality health, aged care and education for local families

Investing in better services and a stronger Medicare by delivering more than 757,000 local Medicare Telehealth consultations since 2020. We’re funding around 2.4 million free or subsidised medicines available locally in the last year. We’re investing record funding in aged care to help the 26,960 seniors living locally and funding for public schools will increase by over 30% to 2029.


Protecting our lifestyle and environment

I’m proud that we’re investing in our local communities, with better facilities and public spaces and a healthy local environment that families can enjoy now and into the future. And the LNP Government has a fully costed plan for Net Zero emissions by 2050, with policies that have supported the installation of 30,900 rooftop solar panels locally.

Our Plan is Building a Strong Economy for a Stronger Future

Creating more, better paid jobs.

Delivering tax relief for workers and small businesses.

Investing in roads, rail, dams and renewables .

Making record investments in health and aged care.

Investing in stronger defence to make Australia safer.

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